Review: Too Tempting

Too Tempting
Too Tempting by Bethany Lopez

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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Bethany Lopez has created a beautiful world with her new series about the Lewis family. Gabe Lewis is a retired football player who opens up a camp to train young kids and where he meets zoey. Zoey is a nerd, success author who as accompanied her nephew Chistoper to the camp.
The first time they meet and the road to falling in love is sweet, funny and really really cute.
Gabe yurns out to be the perfect boyfriend material who is considerate, patient, loving and sexy. Zoey is really happy and comes out of her head space every time she’s with him. However, her sister Chloe brings some life changing news which turns their world upside down.
I could relate to Zoey’s moral dilema and Gabe’s pain. I especially loved how Gabe handled the whole situation and could only ask Zoey to hold his hand.
The end couple of chapters where Zoey meets Gabe’s family was the best. I love such big families full of love.
All in all it was a nice read and Chloe’s story would be really interesting to read. 







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