Review: The Bartender

The Bartender
The Bartender by Piper Rayne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my god !! This book…I cannot get this book out of my head!! Mind-blowing and Superb!!

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Well if you are a lover of romantic comedy novels and sassy heroines, you’re gonna love this book!!
Firstly this is another mystery author duo (this seems to be a trend now) and this is their first book. The world they have built in this first story, I’m sure the remaining two are gonna be blockbusters as well.
So, Whit & Her bartender…
Whit has been having shitty luck lately and she’s really feeling like a loser. But she’s fiercely independent! So she ends up at a bar and getting drunk with the sexy bartender. The next morning she wakes up alone in his bed and realises she really doesn’t remember anything from the previous night. She escapes due to her embarrassment, only to run into him again at her best friend’s engagement party. She’s the best maid and he’s the best man.
There is a history between them which brings up her walls but Cole manages to break them all. Cole was so sexy, so dresmy, I can understand why Whit couldn’t help herself. But i loved Whit the best! She’s resilient, independent, smart and sassy. She has had a rough childhood but she is surrounded by love. While she could learn to lean on Cole, she is afraid of her past repeating again.
I loved all the characters (except Chase of course) and I can’t wait for the othees. I wish there was abook planned for Kelsey as well.

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