Review: BaddAss

BaddAss by Jasinda Wilder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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Jasinda Wilder has done it again with the Badd brothers! Every new book that comes out seems to be better than its predecessor.
After the first book, I was kinda in love with Sabastian Badd but now I can’t get Zane out of my head. Imagine the epitome of alpha bad-assery and top it with oozing sexiness and you will get a Zane “Baddass” Badd.
Ex-Navy Seal, there is not much of anything that he is not capable of. Retired and returned back to his hometown of Ketchiken, Alaska he meets up with Amarantha “Mara” Quinn at his brother’s wedding reception. Now Mara is just visiting and would be there for just a week. Her first night she spends with Zane. Even though he was unforgettable, she is of the one-night-and-forget-next-morning variety. What happens to their story next??
The author has managed to make the perfect pair out of these characters. They both understand each other at the basest level while struggling to grasp their fast-paced relationship. These two strong and confident beings show so much vulnerability. Their story progresses rapidly yet there is depth and strenth in their feelings.
The rest of the badd brothers are the icing on the cake especially Xavier and Lucien. There is a scene with Zane, Brock and a kitchen knife and it was the best ever!!! It is definitely a must read.

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