Review: Being Brooke

Being Brooke
Being Brooke by Emma Hart

My Rating: 5 *Awkward* Stars

Emma Hart is one of my favorite authors and I firmly believe she is a genius and can do no wrong. I mean, how else can she conceive of a girl like Brooke Barker!!!
This book was super crazy, had me laughing the whole time. Plus it is set in a small town and I love those stories where everyone knows everything about everyone. This book was all Brooke and I felt so much joy when she meets adulthood. Unknowingly her passion becomes her career and she has everyone close to her championing her. The whole gang was super fun to read and I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun reading a book that was not quite so much a romance.
Highly recommended for anyone who needs a little bit of smile in their day 🙂



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