Review: Badd Motherf*cker

Badd Motherf*cker
Badd Motherf*cker by Jasinda Wilder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

** 4.5 Badd Stars **
I loved the books where fate plays a integral role and if you couple that with a hot sexy alpha (or seven), you have clearly got a winner.
Dru is a badass heroine. After she got her heartbroken on the day of her wedding, she decides to run away from Seattle and lands in Alaska. Tired and sad, she walks to the nearest dive bar and meets Sabastian Badd.
Sabastian a.k.a Bast is the eldest of eight Badd brothers and has been taking care of the bar and his family since his mom died when he was just a teenager. Having lost his father a couple of months ago, he is all alone tending to the bar (which is not really doing good business wise). His brothers all left him to pursue their dreams and he feels he was never given a choice to pursue his. With his dead father’s will, he has to prepare for all his brothers coming in to stay with him for a year and he needs to prepare himself. And then walks in this angel named Dru.
The chemistry between Dru and Bast is explosive!! Although Bast has been a player, one look at Dru and he knows he can spend his entire life with her. Dru is still sorting things out in her head with her ex-fiances betrayal and lack of job that she quit in Seattle. And anytime she is near Bast, there is not much else that she can thing about. Add in the other seven Badd brothers in the mix and Dru doesn’t know which way is up. But like i said, she’s a badass and holds her own amongst all the testosterone and alphas. Her ex-fiance also makes an appearance towards the end and i wish i could squish him like a bug…but Dru handled him well as well.
Bast and Dru were enjoyable to read and the chemistry and passion was HOT!!!. Each Badd brother has an interesting arc and I am looking forward to reading their stories.


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