Review: Twisted Palace

Twisted Palace
Twisted Palace by Erin Watt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~*~* ARC providedby the authors in exchange of an honest review *~*~*
This the the third installment to this addictive series. In true fashion, this book has drama, romance and suspense.
Ella harper has been living with the Royals for couple of months now. She is a family now and deeply in love with Reed Royal. Reed is the arrogant and handouts and typical bad hoy. Family is the most important thing for her.
When the second book finished, we saw that Brooke was dead, Reed was arrested and Steve was back from the dead. This book gives us the conclusion to all suspense that was gripping the readers with anticipation.
Along this murder mystery, we see the typical High School drama and family dynamics. They usual villains in Ella and Reed’s are back. Also steve wants to make up for his Long-lost daughter and Ella doesn’t know what to do with that.
The climax was perfect ending to this trilogy. All the secrets are revealed and Ella and Reed finally get to be happy together. I just hope we get Easton’s story really soon. I’m sure it’s gonna be just as good.


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