Review: Burning Bond

Burning Bond
Burning Bond by Emma Hart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~*~*ARC generously provided by the author via InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review *~*~*

“Loving you has never been a choice. It’s always been inevitable.”

There are some books and some authors you just know are gonna be awesome. Its the author who makes you have that faith to give you something mindblowing every single time. Emma Hart is one such an author. This is the 6th book in the Holly Wood Files series and every single installment has been as good as the previous one.
This book is different coz its Bek’s story. We still have glimpses of Neolle and Drake and rest of the Bond family so don’t worry. However, it is preferable to read the previous books in this series before reading this one.

He tastes like perfection. He tastes like forever. He tastes like the rest of my life.

This time its a love triangle between Brody, Bek and Jason. Bek is Neolle’s best friend and has been left incharge of the Bond PI while Neolle and Drake are on their vacation. Brody is Neolle’s youngest brother and has been requested by her to keep an eye on Bek. Jason is the FBI agent she has been on a “sorta” relationship with. Left on her own devices, Bek has to make some strong decisions, especially on her feelings about both the men in her life. Adding to the complications is the gruesome case that she has accidentally landed on. It is another nail-biting, mind-fucking case which fills you with dread and thrill. The author has integrated mystery and romance beautifully as always.
When this book was announced, I was #teambrody all the way. Brody is absolutely swoon-worthy. He’s strong, handsome, funny, smart and just the guy to give you butterflies in your tummy. So i’m just gonna leave these here…

“You should know by now I’d do anything for you. So, if you want me to fight for you, Rebekah Hough, then I hope he’s got a fucking army ready and waiting. I’ll fight for you, and you better believe I’m gonna fight damn dirty.”

“Don’t ever doubt how I feel about her, Dad. Just… Don’t. I’ve loved her since she threw a rock at me and broke my nose because she didn’t know how good her aim was.” “Bro, you were six. She was seven.” I hold his gaze, my heart thumping painfully. “Exactly.”


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