Review: Muffin Top

Muffin Top
Muffin Top by Tabatha Kiss

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

*~*~*ARC provided by the Author in exchange of an Honest Review *~*~*
This is a story about a curvy, cute and shy Evey who runs a bar, a bad-boy, alpha, ex-Navy Seal turned baker Vincent who owns a bakery next door and an Irish mob boss Aiden Shanks.
Its a insta-love between Evey and Vincent but they keep their feelings to themselves for a year…until Aiden butts in an starts creating problems for Evey. Vincent is a Hero who can’t let anything happen to the women he loves. In a span of couple of days we see romance, sex, action and its like a hollywood movie all the way (in a good way)
Loved loved loved Vincent…he is so matter-of-fact, so many hidden aspects to him and Evey would love to uncover each one of them. He’s absolute badass and takes down Aiden pure hollywood style. Inspite of the short time frame of the book, author makes it convincing. Loved the Epilogue…(sweetness)
A nice read for those who love insecure girls and badass alphas who love them!

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