Review: Challenge

Challenge by Amy Daws
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“I am football. Nothing more. If I can’t play, what the fuck am I?”

This book blew me away…literally. This was my first time reading this author and looking at the cover i thought…meh its gonna be a sexy sports romance with lots of sex…but I was kinda in the mood for some sports romance to what the heck!

I was wrong!!! This book is funny, sweet, sexy (obs…i mean look at the cover!), sometimes sad and overall unputdownable!

Camden Harris is a legacy, comes from a family of footballers (a.k.a soccer), striker for Bethanal Green and looking to get pulled in by Arsenal. His life comes to a halt after a nasty fall during a game when he ends up tearing his ACL. He is faced with the possibility of a life without football and he feels lost and alone. There is a breakaway surgery which can bring him back to the game and Dr. Indie Porter is his doctor.

Indie Porter is a child prodigy and the youngest doctor in her hospital. She has zero social skills and no life outside the hospital and her best friend Belle. At 24, she’s still a virgin coz she never learned the nuances of one-night stand or had the patience for it. When she meets Cam she finds her chance.

Camden is a playboy and comittment-phobe. But once he meets Indie, he’s smitten. We find depths to his character and relate to his confusion. Indie has never know kinship of any kind. Belle is her only friend and family her entire life. When she meets Cam, her heart and her brain are at crossroads. Their journey is flirty, sexy, hot and sweet.

This book has it all and all the characters were so endearing, you can’t have enough! I can’t wait to read the next books in this series.




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