Review: Jed Had to Die

Jed Had to Die by Tara Sivec

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You know when you’re reading a Tara Sivec book its gonna be funny. This book was funny…so funny that I had my family look at me like I was crazy, sitting there giggling with a book! This is a ron-com with a slice of mystery.
Payton (I love the name) had a crazy childhood which the citizens of her hometown – Bald Knob, Kentucky never forgave her for. She was glad to keave all that behind and move to Chicago where she persued her passion of coffees and opened up her own coffee business – Liquid Crack. And the ine day, she gets a call and has to rush back to her nightmare of a hometown. She’s there for best childhood best friend Emma Jo and all the things she finds she ignored in the last 12 years, has her massively pissed of. The only good thing is the hot hunk (and Thor look-a-like) Sheriff Leo Hudson.
Leo Hudson has carried a torch for Payton since he was in high school and

the biggest nerd in the history of Bald Knob, weighed eighty pounds soaking wet, snorted at his own jokes, and was a member of Future Farmers of America.

The author has taken crazy to hilarious levels with the people of Bald Knob. Each and every character is lovable. Payton has an awesome set of best friends and they relationship is true and strong! Obviously, the wine makes it so easy.
The chemistry between Leo and Payton is sizzling and romance gives you tingles. Leo is such an alpha and its easy to say he’s gonna be one the fav BB this year.

“Just to give you a head’s up, I’m gonna touch your ass again. Then I’m gonna kiss you while touching your ass because I really like how it feels in the palm of my hand. Just for the hell of it, I might even touch your tits because they feel really fucking good pressed against my chest right now. Any objections or laughter you need to get out of your system before then?”

This is one of my fav Tara Sivec book and definitely one of my best reads this year!!

✨✨ARC provided in exchange of an honest review✨✨

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