Review: The Substitute

The Substitute
The Substitute by Denise Grover Swank

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh such a fun and sweet read this was. I stumbled upon this book by chance…it was free on iBooks. But now that I have read it…I can wait to finish all the others in this series.
Megan is on her way home to Kansas City for her wedding when her engagement broke 6 weeks ago. She hasn’t had the gumption to tell her mother this news who is planning her grandest wedding ever!…and Megan is terrified. So much that she ends up drunk on her flight and has to be carried out by her seat passenger Josh.
Josh is the responsible, sensible engineer who is about to lose his family firm and the only way to save his business is to travel to Kansas City to investigate Megan’s father’s firm!!! When he tries to help his co-passenger (who he doesn’t know is the daughter of his rival), he ends up being mistaken for her fiance.
The wedding is in four days and the plan is to have a very public breakup in which Megan comes out to be the victim so that she’s in good graces with her family while Josh gets all the evidence that he needs and goes home. But that’s not what happens.
There is Nicole the bride’s mother who is just short of a tyrant, Bart the loving father of the bride, Gram the wacky grandmother, Kevin the bride’s brother who has suddenly developed a conscience and hates the groom, Libby the fun best friend of the bride who believes its Megan’s and Josh’s destiny to be together, Blair the other not-so-fun best friend who would go to any lengths to protect Megan from a heartbreak and Noah the irresponsible but fun brother of the groom.
All these characters were amazingly written and made the book a really fun read. Josh is the typical guy-next-door and he just makes you fall in love with him.
The best thing about this book was the plot. I found it unique and like the way Fate was a major aspect in the storyline.
Can’t wait to read Libby’s and Blair’s story ❤

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