Review: Hard Core

Hard Core
Hard Core by Tess Oliver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I absolutely loved Hard Core and Ledger. Oh such a man…Strong, silent, tattooed, sweet, protective…he made the book readable.
Ledger is fresh out of prison and jobless. He has had a life full of guilt and mistakes and is trying to make a better future. Long hair, tattoos, blue eyes…you have it all. He’s a loner but has only one thing to look forward to his day – his beautiful neighbor Jacy.
Jacy is divorced, runs her own bakery and has only her dog Rex to keep her company. She is lonely and sad until she sees the hunk that is her neighbor.
They meet, they talk, they fall in love.

What Jacy doesn’t know is that Ledger fell in love with her even before he met her. There is an interesting twist to Ledger’s past which Jacy is unaware of. That made the story more appealing.

Rating: 4 Stars



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